Monday 2 July 2012

Somali marks Independnce day as kidnapped aid workers are rescued

Independence Day Observed in Somalia as aid workers are rescued
By Our reporter in Somalia
The Somali government marked the 52nd anniversary of independence on Sunday,June 01 with parades in the capital that coincided with the rapidly changing security conditions of the country. Throughout the day, government officials joined multiple events that celebrated the Independence Day at the State House, Stadium Koonis and the main street at Maka Mukarama where thousands of armed forces paraded.
The Minister for  Information, Posts and Telecommunications gave his remarks during the Independence Day festivities on Sunday calling it amoment of unity and solidarity among Somalis across the country. “It’s a great day to remember the heroes who sacrificed for this country, including the SYL and those who made possible the reunification of Somalia as a republic under one flag” said Minister Abdulkadir Hussein Mohamed “Jahweyn.”
The Minister added that “The heroes are too many in our history, but it’s also important to remember the heroic role of the Somali National Army (SNA) who contributed immensely to the peace and stability that we currently witness in the capital and across many parts in the country.” The Independence Day was well observed in many parts of the country given the changed landscape in terms of security and social integration. The 1st of July particularly coincides at a time where Somalia is recovering from chaos and anarchy, reclaiming its responsibilities to create economic opportunities and good governance.
Meanwhile four foreign aid workers who were kidnapped at the world`s biggest refugee camp,Dadaab in  Kenya on Friday last week were on Sunday night rescued by Somali forces.They were from Canada,Phiipines,Norway and Pakistan.

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