Sunday, 2 September 2012

Letter from Kenya:My words with Francis Mwongela

 Francis Mwongela
The best political revolutions notably in the history of the world are driven by liberals. Notably the Russian 1905 revolution was spearheaded by liberals and not rebels. The world over has its history and narrowed down to Africa, why leaderships fail apart from in south Africa led by liberal nelson Mandela, all other nations have attempted to go free in the hands of rebels. That’s why Africa is failed.
Kenya is a good example of a politically failed. I am looking for a liberal. Give me one and I will be sure we the 40 million will go to heaven. The political leaders we have their motives are questionable. Let’s not even mention our religious leaders who are fugitives of political-ethnic groups like KAMATUSA and GEMA. If you are not in those groups maybe you are forming yours or you have missed the opportunity or even worse than those owning the groups or maybe you have no idea of where to start.
My focus wants to be driven to Tigania East. A constituency that has broken the world record! A country like Libya is full desert. It’s big, rich, oily and clean. It has money from the black gold. But although it has no rains, water supply is not a big issue. A huge water project serves the nation of in an area of 1.8million square kilometers with a population of approximately 5.7 million people as per 2006. Tigania east has a population of about 200,000 human beings. With Libya at that population it has only one water project. Tigania east with that population has over 101 water projects and hardly does any of those pour a drop of water!
What else is called thuggery, poor economics, and bad leadership if not this! Where we have the home of corruption, land grabbing, insecurity of unspeakable magnitude, poor education standards where teachers from well performing schools are allegedly to be intimidated by various levels of leadership so that private schools perform better and the unscrupulous traders have more students and make money! Don’t you find this insanity is detrimental to the future? Are we moving to having the worst?
Well, schools are there since independence in worse states. Children still go to school barefooted. But unfortunately they perform poorer than it used to happen in the early 1980s! Where exactly are we headed to? The rebels who have been taking political leadership in the said region since independence have been worsening, changing scopes, becoming animals, becoming more cruel, inhuman, satanic, unfeeling…the list is long. Why? We have gone for unthinking primates and still we have a long way to go this is my promise. The few who can make change have resulted to being sycophants of such leaderships as their fathers and grandfathers were then. If the staggering motion of Tigania East goes on, trust me we are as good as done.

The writer is a Media Consultant and Journalism Lecturer in Nairobi 

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