Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Youngest Presidential aspirant Kingwa back and ready to soldier on

Presidential aspirant:Kingwa Kamencu
Youngest Presidential candidate in 2013 Kenyan biggest General election Kingwa Kamencu will hold a   Press Conference at Kenya National Theater on Thursday 11th October to  announce her return in the country and give an update of her bid.
Kamencu, aged  27 years old and an Oxford University student made the announcement on the 11th of September that she was running to be president of Kenya. She spent a few weeks in Kenya after the announcement meeting interested groups and supporters before she returned to finish her degree with intermittent returns to the country between then and now.

  Kamencu wrote on the social media that, ``The presidential aspirant is now back and would like to announce this to the public as well as the fact that she is still in the race.``

The press conference will give information on what party she is potentially teaming up with and a short description of how she hopes her campaign goes. While she does not have the huge coffers of campaign money that some of her opponents have, she is nevertheless looking forward to going round the country by way of buses and matatus with the support of everyday Kenyans, to initiate conversations with other Kenyans that are tired of the status quo who believe that there is a better way to be as a nation.

Kamencu will be joined by other young women aspirants from different parts of the country who will share their challenges in running for political office in a patriarchal setting.

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