Friday, 12 October 2012

Fake Journalists blacklisted by major hotels in Kenya

Inter-Continental hotel
Major hotels in Nairobi have now blacklisted a number of quack journalists who are fond of visiting the organisations to extort money from guests.
The masqueraders have been flocking major hotel hosting various events to demand money and goodies from those in attendance. The hotels are working on measures to ensure only accredited journalists attend the events.
Leading the way is Intercontinental Hotel, which has profiled the hawks going around the events just to taint the name of the profession.
“We took the measure to save some of our customers who have complained of being harassed by these gangs. The media should also make sure they come up with measures that can help their industry in regard to these quacks verses the image,” said a senior official at the hotel.
City hall investigating its officers
There is an increasingly threatening scenario in which the masqueraders are demanding money from politicians and businessmen who are ignorant and innocent. Some of them impersonate as practicing journalists and later demand money.
Stakeholders have been asking The Media Council of Kenya to take action to address the deadly behavior from the gangs operating in Nairobi.
“They taint the name of the profession. Just like any other sector, journalism needs to be respected and feared equally. People need to be trained and accredited by the relevant authorities. Quacks must be stopped for all,” said a senior editor with a local daily.
The quacks have even been fighting over handouts at events ashaming and demeaning the profession. Stakeholders want the industry players and especially editors to take a leading role in ensuring the gangs are extinguished and sent to their homes or classes for training and accreditation.
They usually flock events organized by COTU, KNUT and major banks where they demand handouts with menace.
FKF Boss Nyamweya:Deals with invited press
City Council of Nairobi has also sounded an alarm that a group of
people masquerading as Journalists with cameras have teamed up with
rogue Council askers to harass businesspeople in Westlands, which is
highly inhabited by Asian businessmen.

The Council through a Senior security officer who didn’t want to be
named for this story as the matter is still under high level of
investigation warned that the ``fake Journalists and ill-mannered
Council Security officers`` will face it rough if they don`t cease
their criminal  activities.

This embarrassment  has forced the boss of Football Kenya Federation
(FKF) Mr.Sam Nyamweya to only allow invited Journalists from the
  media cover his function as one time he had over 200
Journalists coming to cover his press conference at a Nairobi hotel.
An area, which now needs to be improved, is the political arena where
the quacks have invaded it and tarnishing the real Journalists names
as they use names of prominent Scribes in demanding bribes.

Photojournalist from a leading newspaper name withheld complained
that his name was used for a purpose of extortion at a political rally

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