Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What to know about Straight Talk Foundation

 Madonna takes Pictures in one of the classes in Kibera
 Straight Talk Foundation Kenya is a non-governmental organization specializing in communication for social change with a focus on youths by producing information, education, and communication (IEC) materials for young people.
A Bold Kenyan girl took the war against child Abuse –And the team is planning bigger things for the programme. Madonah Syombua one of the founders and a programme manager also Child Protection Programme Cordinator did her part best in ensuring child safety today by visiting Mathare 4A school MYTO primary school.
Kibera environment
The programme has been successful so far and it amazes me that we still have kind heart in Kenya while many of us think of our own safety.
 School children Kibera
Some of the problems affecting children were Drug abuse: children used by drug dealers to traffic drugs end up being drug addicted. Violence: physical and psychological violence (including sexual abuse) on children is culturally accepted; Child trafficking: children are brought to all around the country with the promise of a job, but end up working as commercial sex workers .Sexual exploitation and early pregnancies: boys and girls are sexually exploited by adults. Low school enrolment: only 84% boys and 67% girls are enrolled in primary (compared to national averages of 95% and 90% respectively); Child labor: children go or are sent by their parents to look for jobs .Early marriage: parents marry their daughters when they are still very young, for economic earning 87% of Kenyans depend on Public Hospitals yet a Doctors' Strike is allowed to go on for more than 3 weeks while our children suffer most
Life in Kibera .Pics by Madonna Syombua 
A realized issue was about 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the consequences of FGM, which is normally carried out on women under the age of 15 mostly in the developing world.  In Africa, some 92 million girls, at least 10 years or older have undergone FGM, according to official statistics.
 FGM is a crude procedure that clips a women’s clitoris, with the intention of suppressing their libido. Experts say this procedure has no health benefit, and at worse is known to cause include recurrent bladder and urinary tract infections, cysts, infertility, an increased risk of childbirth complications and newborn deaths, the need for later surgeries.
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