Wednesday, 24 October 2012

People Democratic Party (PDP) takes campaign to the street

PDP founder  Stephen Nyarangi (centre)  chat with young people in the street of Nairobi recently
By Jeff Kizzilah
It has been dubbed one of the most competitive political parties campaign Kenya has ever had since independence in order for each of them to be noted,where people used to support one political party  to elect the president but until Former president Moi was removed from power after 24years this perception changed and a new constitution was attained, then the gambler  30 political parties emerged where every community want their own cake and stake if their cocoons community leaders are to support others before coalitions  in the next divisive government.
  Nyanza, Kisii region who have eve been  against communion with the Luo community in supporting their own but rather they back an outside, has yet again came forward to bargane their participation by Re-launching PDP people party democracy.
"PDP party  has declared that Kenyans   focus towards their party must shift  to enlighten Kenyans not in the rallies but one on one,their party will not be an in house but rather a street party to specifically  engage young unemployed youths to understand the benefits of the constitution,"says Marangi

This and this was noted when the passerby s noticed a serous  discussion people were involved in one might thought it was the usual  but rather it wasn't and when people got interested to listen, PDP founder,Vice chairman of center for multi-party democracy [CMD]and aspirant for MP  Nyaribari chache Peter Marangi,was  hosting  mostly university student and other onlookers  sitting on the city council bench opposite Holy family basilica  in Nairobi.  

Marangi  says youths must expand their  policy now how  to be able to unterstand the processes of implementationof the constitutions,because by watching from far,it will go against your will and later haunts your rights as a citizen.He says PDP will bea party where Kenya will  arguably remains one of the most eagerly awaited by a government that has become increasingly aware of its citizens rights.

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