Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Eastleigh Businessmen call for flushing out of Al-Shabaab from Kenya

Eastleigh Business District Association Vice-Chair Hussein Mohamed (r) address the press
By Raymond Ojwang
The Somali Business Community in Nairobi have  asked security agents to use all means at their disposal to flush out Al-Shabaab militants in the country who are out to cause terror.
The community vouched  on Wednesday,October 03 to co-operate with the police and other agents in efforts to contain terror threats in the country.
“We are all ready to co-operate with the government in flushing out Al-Shabaab suspects and alert the security personnel of any suspicious action of terror. This is a matter for all the citizens to offer their full support the government,” said the Eastleigh Business Community chairman Hassan Gullet.
Gullet said they are concerned with the increasing incidents of terror attacks in the country and especially targeting innocent members of the public and security agencies and urged for concerted efforts to contain them,.
Addressing a press conference in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Gullet who was in the company of other Muslim and Christian leaders cited Sunday’s attack on St Polycarp ACK church saying it was wrong and uncalled for the terrorists to target churches.
“We seriously condemn those who executed the cowardly and heineous acts at the place of worship hosting innocent children and worshipers,” he said.
He added their concern is that whenever a church is attacked, similar retaliatory action may happen at the Mosques which may cause disharmony among Kenyans.
Gullet said terror actions are normally planned and executed with a motive. He argued police have the capacity to detect the terrorists and urged for their stoppage.
“Those attacking churches know their agenda which is to cause disharmony between Christians and Muslims. We will not accept that to happen in the country and we are ready to do all we can to stop it.”
They further commended the Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia for the wonderful job they have done in Somalia where the militant group has been in control.
“As we talk now, our forces and others are in control of Kismayo. The defeated enemies of peace and tranquility could even end up in our cities to cause mayhem while camouflaging as peaceful members of the public,” said Gullet.
Head of CID in Nairobi Mr Nicholas Kamwende said they are yet to make any arrest and are starting from zero in trying to establish those behind the Sunday attack.
“We are starting from the known to unknown. For now we do not have any clue on who was responsible but our teams are on the ground,” said Kamwende.
The business community’s call came as police continued to ask for public vigilance to tame planned terror attacks in the country.
Police have warned Al-Shabaab militants have trained and deployed their female suicide bombers to be used in attacking strategic places in the country.

Police headquarters issued guidelines that should be used by landlords, hoteliers, public service vehicles and the public at large to ensure the terrorists at large are tamed.

Spokesman Eric Kiraithe said following the collapse of Kismayu port, the militants are bitter and ready to revenge using all means.

He said people who are alone and nervous, wearing loose and bulky clothing that may not fit the weather, have exposed wires possibly through sleeves – for circuit detonation may be wearing an explosive vest.

“In a National Identity Card, check the names, date of birth, place of issue, date of issue, district of origin, Division, Location and sub-location. In case of a Passport, in addition to the above details, ascertain nationality, Date of issue, place of issue and expiry date.”

He asked the concerned parties to also check the validity of the visa, the stated purpose of visit, date visa issued and the port of entry into the country and the countries previously visited. 

Kiraithe told landlords to establish whether what the tenants keep and do in the rented premises is covered by the terms of the applicable tenancy agreement. 

Police told PSV operators to ascertain what luggage/cargo they are transporting and warned that ignorance will not be an excuse or defence.   

“Remember you can be charged for aiding and abetting crime by failing to take preventive action,” he said.

The police boss urged owners of business to deploy modern technology including CCTV and scanning machines.

Kiraithe made the remarks as Kenya sent more security personnel to major entry points to the main Somalia borders after the collapse of Kismayo.

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