Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kidero reaches out to Kisii community

Kidero:Eyeing Nairobi Governor seat
By Evans Kidero
Kidero campaigns in Kibera recently  
The Abagusi community is an integral part of the Nairobi Business Community. Their investment in the transport sector is amazing not to mention that they have the highest Diaspora remittances in Kenya. Currently according to the land registry the Abagussi have made a substantial investment by securing property in all the eight constituencies and I do commend their zeal as development conscious Nairobians.
It is therefore imperative that they do participate effectively in the formation of the leadership structure through elective posts in Nairobi. During my engagement I was humbled to meet the Nairobi County Council of Elders from the Abagusii community, Mr Samuel Orera, John Isaboke, Evans Moturi and during our mutual deliberations they agreed to support my candidature.
As I have impressed in the past Nairobi has over forty two tribes and other nationalities and the process of governing Nairobi must be all inclusive.
I continue to herald my call that all Nairobians control the destiny of this County by registering in the forthcoming voter registration and voting in sound leadership into office. Leadership that cares! As an ODM member it is in the same breath that I implore my fellow members to participate fully in the party registration exercise. I on my part shall continue supporting party activities so as to achieve the party goals.

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