Friday 12 October 2012

Female student out to spread AIDS indiscriminately

Is this how our students behave?

This is a mail we received from a lady claiming that she is a 2nd year student at University of Nairobi who confessed to be HIV positive and has infected his six boyfriends and is on a mission to spread the Virus to her fellow  Lesbians.
We have decided to publish it the way it is as a matter of saving the would be targets and also advice parents to educate their students at the University to be wary of this lady as this is a matter which cannot be kept under the table. 

I dont know wether i should be doin what im about to do but anyway i just have to.i saw your page n since you comand large audience il share my story. Im a 2nd yr medicine student,UoN. I joined colle n had all the freedom,partying like i always wanted. Iv got the looks n the b
ody so many men are attracted to me. This made me to have upto 6 guys,currently.dont know but just love them both. Wote ni students at UoN, 1 is a SONU official, another lower kabete,1 chiromo n others in main campus.ive played so well they havent been caught infact they still dont not after money i come from a well off family,if anything they get my money.Now the problem is,on Thursday went to the VCT in tao n was shocked when found out im HIV+ even now im still in shock,im disturbed ive been in ma room ever since,trickd my parents im rolling.i feel like my head is bursting, i know im wrong but i dont use CD with any when havin sex,we start then end up not using after sometimes! I dont know who gave it to me,but i know we both have it as we been having sex a sex addict n this why! Im regretin everything my life is in a mess. I decide to go public with this since i dont know how to break this to any of them,but i hope they read this n go test and have stress like fears is it must be spread since 3 of these boys are popular with gals,ni hunky. Im so hopeless,my C4 count is low as the doc.tell me and was told to go back on stressed.i also got drunk and had sex with this gal she did me with her dildo. Dont put my name n email address hii nimetumia

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