Tuesday, 11 September 2012

US Congratulates new Somali President

 Somalia's newly elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at parliament in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, Sept. 10, 2012. The new president was overwhelmingly elected by Members of Parliament, defeating the outgoing President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. (Xinhua/Faisal Isse) 

 The White House Monday congratulated new Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, calling his election "a crucial step forward" along the path of the nation's rebuilding. "The United States calls on Somalia's leaders to usher in a new era of governance that is responsive, representative and accountable," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.
Hassan was elected on Monday by parliamentary members, beating incumbent president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in a 190 to 79 vote.
Upon taking office, Hassan has to name within 30 days a new prime minister, who in turn will form a cabinet that will lead the country for the next four years.
"While today's vote marks the end of the transition period, much work remains to be done," Carney added, calling on the international community to reaffirm its commitment to Somalia.
Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud beat the incumbent president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed by landslide in a run-off to win Somalia's presidential election on Monday. Mohamoud is an academic-turned politician and has been a civic activist before coming to Somalia's politics. Graduating from Somali National University in 1981, he continued his postgraduate studies in India and got his master's degree from Bhopal University.
Mohamoud worked for a number of national and international civic organizations dealing with peace and development. Between 1993 and 1995, he worked as an education officer for the UN International Children's Emergency Fund in the south and center of Somalia.
Mohamoud is co-founder of the Somali Institute of Management and Administration known by its acronym SIMAD which was established in 1999 and was later turned into a University.
He started politics after he founded the as-yet unregistered independent Peace and Development Party (PDP) in 2011 in Mogadishu and serves as its chairman.(Xinhua)

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