Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kenya has no reason to smile for the next President will be a stooge

Francis Mwongela

Kenya is a nation highly politicized because of impunity. If you are a foreigner and visited the country you would think we have elections everyday. The shame of it all, it’s the presidential aspirants who have no time to serve the humanity they claim to serve. Day in day out, it is the use of vulgar language, lashing out insults, crisscrossing the nation with fake promises and looting of public coffers.
We are not likely to have the best president in this country for the next few centuries. If I were given a chance to pick three presidential aspirants that Kenya need, I would pick hon. Martha Karua Prof. Ole Kiyapi and Peter Kenneth to battle it out.
The rest in the race either have cases in The Hague, they are corrupt, agents of moral decadence, perpetrators of impunity, fathers of lies and tribalists. The above description however is an understatement. They deserve more that the devil has. Since these honorable men and women have been in the government , they have served in the brutal KANU regimes as senior ministers and other high flying positions, what change have they brought in Kenya? Theirs I bet has been an injection of pain and suffering to the Kenyans.
What then are the Kenyans smiling at? There is nothing to smile about. What we expect because one of these characters will win the elections, is more strikes by our teachers, lecturers, more deaths from our hospitals since doctors and nurses are yet to carry placard, more deaths on our roads because they will have to higher useless Chinese contractors to build our roads in exchange of some Yen, more disillusioned youth for lack of employment, the list ids endless.
The fathers of impunity are going to lead Africa to the worst. Their masters in the west are going to milk Africa to the duel. Africans are going to suffer their ignorance for decades and centuries. I do not want to believe that Africa cannot be atop of the world. Look at what Obama is doing in the United States. This chap is an African. The difference is because he has not been exposed to impunity and poverty.
Our presidents can do better in Kenya. But I doubt the next Kenyan president has no ideas of his own. He is likely to be a stooge of the Kenyan greedy political thugs and hyenas or a stooge of the western or now the Middle East con men because of the oil prospects.
Peter Kenneth is a good gentle man as well as Prof. Kiyapi. Martha Karua is a great lady who would lead this country out of impunity, but they will not see the presidency. Why? They have no tribes behind them, Kenyans will not listen to them, and they are not corrupt. They don’t entertain impunity. Why then do I need t smile yet these three clean Kenyans are not to make it to the State House or Harambee house for their next office?

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