Thursday, 6 September 2012

Government should speed up talks with Teachers:Kidero

By George Millah and Luyali Jirongo.

An aspirant for Nairobi Governorship Dr. Evans Kidero has urged the government to speed up negotiations with the striking teachers to avoid burdening school going children.

While speaking during a meeting with members from the Meru and Tharaka communities, he lashed at the government for failing to honor its pledges to teachers dating back to 15 years ago. He said every election year since 1997 teachers are taken for a ride and the strike would ruin the future of the pupils and students who are preparing to write their examinations in a month’s time.

“The certificate they hope to get at the end of the exams which they are due to write in the next two months, will determine their future and this is where the government should mediate the talks to end the on-going strike that has paralyzed learning in public schools," Kidero said.

The 1997 pay deal involved a 300 percent in basic salaries for all teachers as well as higher allowances. The final installment of the pay rise was paid out in 2009, but the allowances are yet to be completed as agreed.

According to the deal, teachers should be receiving house allowance (50 percent of basic pay) medical allowance of 30 percent, commuter allowance of 10 percent and 30 percent allowance for hardship zones.

In his bid to consolidate votes from the Meru and Tharaka who live in Nairobi, he has asked relevant authorities to come up with a factory in Meru to aid in processing medicinal products from Miraa.

“You people are having great advantage growing miraa which produces ingredients that manufacture ephedrine and activine medicines for your information, am telling you this as qualified pharmacist"

He said that this will help Kenya in increasing its foreign
earnings by saving on the wasted Miraa.

Kidero also pledged to establish water points after every 10
meters in Nairobi and that every resident in the county gets 48 liters of free water daily should he be voted as the governor in the coming elections.

 ”I will make sure that every house has access to water which is very essential in human life as this will ease the long queue seen in most estates," said Kidero.

Meanwhile in another meeting Dr Kidero pledged to serve people from all political factions should he be elected as governor of Nairobi in the next general elections.

“Mine is to assure you that once you elect me to be the first Governor of Nairobi County under the new dispensation I will do my best to fulfill some of the pledges and serve you without any discrimination despite the political party that you belong to,” he added.

Speaking during a meeting with close to 300 hundred youth from Lakisama and Kagecha in Babadogo, Kidero added that he will not involve politics in his leadership basing on the fact that he has vast managerial experience, having held such positions at Glaxo smith Kline, Nation Media Group and Mumias Sugar Company

“I will work with you as a servant to serve you with better policies but not as a politician,” added Kidero.

While commenting on recent attacks of Churches in Babadogo, Dr Kidero urged the youths to shun violence and avoid being used by politicians as we approach the next general elections.

He has however said that he will not promise to offer jobs to the youths but instead he will create projects that will provide them with self employment.

 “I will not assure you that I will offer a number of jobs but I will work with other partners to create employment for the youth,” said Kidero.

He also urged voters to elect leaders based on their track records and not on the parties they are vying on citing bad governance is the root cause of suffering among Kenyans..

Kidero has reiterated that he is in ODM to stay and supports Right honorable Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s bid for Presidency.

“ My party is ODM and my 2013 President is Raila Amollo Odinga,” said Kidero.

He was accompanied by area councilors, Youth and Women representatives and his Chief-Campaign Manager Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed popularly known as “Jonnie” who is also aspiring to become MP for Kamukunji Constituency.

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