Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dangerous Times by Mbugua Kibera

While houses were burning
And rattles of gunfire deafening
Bullets were flying...
And, there was no one to help the dying.
Children and women were crying
While those who were firing
No one cared which direction
Listen not, to those who say it is fiction.
From bachelors to the married
Everyone was worried
We were all confused and terrified
For bullets no one defied.
Standing was dangerous for bullets do kill
All of us jumped on a ditch and lied still
Everyone was in anguish
No one had time to distinguish
Journalists and demonstrators
This was an indication we needed more doctors
The people were armed with machetes and knives
Guess with such weapons they had taken many lives.
Many of them believed they had to carry out revenge
While those in the rural, promised one day to avenge
For what they believed had been an injustice
While others argued there was no such practice
Journalists with pens, book and cameras were there to cover a story
None was there for the glory but there was reason to worry
Those were dangerous times for each and everyone
On the ditch everyone was lying on someone
Election outcome had brought the country
To huge a shame... but now apart of our history
From the sky there was an auspice
For the country was on the edge of a precipice
No one was safe, including those who live in mansions
Globally we were ashamed, even today we regret those actions.
Mbugua kibera


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