Monday, 3 September 2012

Comments on Charity Ngilu Presidency bid launch

Ngilu:During her Presidency bid launch
Kenya`s Minister for Water and Narc leader Mrs Charity Ngilu who is a former ally of Prime Minister Mr.Raila Odinga launched his bid for Presidency at the Kenyan capital,Nairobi on Sunday September 02.

She becomes the second woman after former Cabinet Minister and an ally of President Kibaki,Ms Martha Karua announced her candidature for the top seat in next year`s General election on a Narc Kenya ticket.

 Charity Kaluki Ngilu describes herself on the facebook  as  a modest mother of Kenyan nation, compassionate, caring and with a great perception and tremendous talent that can take Kenya to where it belongs. Kenya needs a mother.

Below is a sample of comments made by Kenyans on her Presidency bid launch 
 1. Denis Telemonde Kituyi:With or without a Degree, you are a leader of character, a performer and more intelligent than most graduate politicians in that Bunge. I just wish you had declared your presidential interests earlier but its not too late. I love your style of politics and your fan. All the best Mama Rainbow.
2Johnes Kamula
 Romours say that u ve bn endorsed by Kamba it true munene?name such group......,... we know very well u re project of ogwambo plz.wait to be awarded sthing after u fail with "HIM".Kwa nini usigombee ugava huku?nyce tyme na maombi tu.2.
3.Movin Aoko
 Since kenyan male politicians are all corupt, you are the only mother that has been tested and can be trusted with the leadership of our nation.

4.Patrick Maswii
 Hon.Ngilu for sure you are our mother especially we from kamba area. We love you we admire your style of leadership but we are worried to see how other brothers and sisters are grouping themselves for the sake of their community?Please this time up keep your differences apart and work closely with other kamba leaders and if there is any differences plse solve it in dark corners not on the press.

5. Racheal Obongo
Mama maji can , it's not easy friends to have afriend like her imagine with trial she is going to take water project to my poor grandmother and the entire villagers who have been suffering water problems year come year go I belive this is the first water project in Nyanza .woe to mama maji and join souls to pray for her party. mama maji keep up am glad for you response afew can do.

6. Johnstone Wanjala
Good morning! I am runing the governor here in trans-nzoia county and i would like to be in touch with you. Just provide me your email and phone number. Also i am organizing the events here to visit and talk with people. I am Johnstone S Wanjala who was the SDP chairman that time when you were running Presidential.

7.Shaniela Oduor
 Never... it can't happen. a woman can't lead a man since GOD Himself made woman with a rib from man . So what then..                                                                                                                                                                                     
 8.Mercy Ngusu
with u forever ,cme rain or sun,we lv u much madam waziri..

9. Lu Roz Lu: Hongera Mheshimiwa, we shall support u mpaka mwisho. U are firm in wat u say and believe in.

10. Jimmy Mwai :a true reformer i was with you during mois teargases in kamukunji but they all forgot the change we were figthing for baby try may be you are the change we have been yearning for!

11. Apostle Dominic :I will stand with u in prayer fear not go a head. Mama.
12. Ann Mutuku: I love you so much mum. Lets go to mwea nitakupa kura zote za huko ria

13.Nakhumicha Israel:Congratulations Maam ...

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