Friday, 7 September 2012

11 killed in fresh kilings in TanaRiver

Yusuf Haji:Acting Internal Securty Minister

Dadho Godana;Galole MP

News just in from TanaRiver County in Coast Province of Kenya  say that at least 11 people have been killed and several structures torched in renewed attacks between  two communites the Pokomos and Ormas .
Police and Kenya Red Cross officials say the deceased are eight men, two women and a child. The killings occurred when suspected Orma villagers attacked Pokomos in what police described as retaliation attacks in Talasa village.
Regional police boss Aggrey Adoli  has confirmed through a telephone call that he is headed to the area to lead security teams in quelling the violence.
“The area where the attacks took place is remote but we are headed there with the local leaders to ensure peace prevails,” said Adoli.
He confirmed the incident and urged the local leaders to denounce violence.
Residents had earlier on protested the questioning of Galole MP Dadho Godhana by Criminal Investigation Department officers ( CID ) in Nairobi on Thursday   .
The incident came weeks after Pokomos attacked Ormas and killed at least 60 people, slashed more than 400 animals and torched houses in shocking attacks.
Since then, Godhana who is livestock assistant minister is among at least ten people who have been questioned by the CID over the incident. Two chiefs are facing charges in court over the attacks that took place in August.
The Galole MP arrived at CID headquarters in Nairobi for questioning on Thursday and left few hours later.
Tension remains high in the area after the lastet incident as Godhana insisted the solution to the problem in the area lies with the locals.
“This issue has been boiling and even the security agents there know it. We must find a solution from the area,” he said at CID headquarters.
 The questioning of Godhana came days after acting  internal security minister Yusuf Haji ordered the CID to question him over the clashes.
But Godhana insisted that Haji also be investigated over the deaths.
He said he is ready to co-operate with security agencies to establish the truth of the matter.
Godhana said the clashes pitting Pokomo and Orma communities in the area are political.
Godhana was reacting to claims by Minister Haji who accused him of refusing to cooperate with government officials in resolving the root cause of the violence.
Godhana said Haji is an interested party in the Tana Delta crisis and cannot therefore chair a meeting to solve the issues affecting it.
He claimed the minister who is the MP for neighbouring Ijara constituency has been practicing and expansionist agenda aimed at controlling the Tana River region.
“The minister knows more on the issue and is an interested party. He cannot be the judge in this case and that is why I refused to attend his meeting,” said Godhana.
The last deaths occurred when Pokomos attacked Ormas in the area.
The conflict was triggered by fight over pasture.

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