Thursday 28 June 2012

Peaceful Demo for MPS to pay tax

Young one was also not left in the demonstration

A section of participants participate in the demonstration
 Peaceful Demo for MPS to pay tax

A peaceful demonstration organized by among others CNN  award winning Photo-Journalist under a lobby group called   Kenya Ni Kwetu lobby to press Kenyan MPS to pay taxes was held on Thursday,June 28.
The demonstration dubbed ``love protest``bagan from Nairobi`s historic   Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner to parliament buildings with demonstrators chanting slogans and carrying placards in protest of Kenyan MPS perpetuation of the culture of impunity.

They also demanded their Kenyan legislators to adhere to the practice of being faithful to the constitution which was promulgated in 2010.
Mwangi said during the demonstration,``This is a call to action to Kenyans to reflect on their personal responsibility in building a better country, where only responsible leaders who remain faithful to the Constitution are elected to office.``.He added that together with Kenya Ni Kwetu they will work to enable a patriotic citizens’ movement to take bold and effective actions in building a new Kenya with a vision  to foster unity among youth and inspire them to pursue social and political change through peaceful elections.

protestors march along a city street

one of the organisers of the event Mr Boniface Mwangi (second from right) joins other demonstrators

Demonstrators carrying placards head to Parliament buildings.

Even this ladies were not left out.

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