Thursday 21 June 2012

Peace Meeting held in Nairobi

Peace meeting held in Nairobi
A peace meeting revisiting the question of election related violence and Government of Kenya mitigation strategies ahead of the country`s forth coming general election was held at the Kenyan capital Nairobi today Wednesday,June 21.
The seminar which was organised by the Institute for Security studies observed that their was a likelyhood of recurrence of the ugly incidents which followed after the disputed 2008 General elections if correct measures to curb it are not addressed.
Speaking at the forum Mr Kennedy Masime who is the Executive Director,Centre for Governance and Development and Chairman,Elections Observation Group said that in order to prevent the repeat of the  post election violence their is among other things  a need for the formation of the National Police Service Commission,delimitation of the boundaries and regulation of the media.
In another news,the umbrella body of the guards union in Kenya (Kenya National Private Security Workers Union) has said that its 300 000 workers will go on strike in two weeks time if their grievances are not met.
Addressing the press in Nairobi today the organisation`s Secretary General Mr Isaac Andabwa said that the workers are demanding an increase of a 50% inclusive salary since 2009.Security Guards in Kenya have been complaining of poor pay as some earn as little as Shs 5 000 according tao Andabwa and if their threat materialises a serious security challenge will be experienced in Kenya as thugs may use the opportunity to commit crimes bearing in mind that the Government announced on Wednesday this week that almost 500 000 guns are in the hands of wrong people.

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