Tuesday 26 June 2012

Somali,AU forces seize strategic town of Bal`ad from Al-Shabaab

Somali, AU forces seize strategic town of Bal’ad from al Shabaab
By Our Reporter in Somali
Somali National forces backed by the African union peacekeeping soldiers have seized control of Bal’ad district and Golaley environ in middle Shabelle region and pushed al Qaeda linked group of al Shabaab further north.
General  Ali Araye Osoble, an army commander confirmed to Radio Mogadishu that joint forces have completely captured Bal’ad district and Golaley area in the middle Shabelle region this morning, adding that forces are carrying out operations in those areas.

General Abdullahi Anod, another army commander who spoke with Shabelle radio by phone also said the successful offensive, launched by the joint forces in the early hours on Tuesday, has enabled them to secure Balad district, which lies 36 kilometers northeast Mogadishu.

The seizure of Balad town came after al Shabaab militants, who had been in control of the town for the last three years, moved out hours before troops from Somali government backed by AMISOM forces with their battle wagons rolled into the town, according to the residents.

“We are at this moment 10 Kilometers away from Jowhar, the provincial capital of Middle Shabelle region after taking over Bal’ad this morning peacefully from the militants and we are planning to secure the entire region soon,” added Mr. Anod.

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