Thursday 28 June 2012

Three months ultimatum for counterfeits mobile phones users or......

Information PS Speaks at the function
An Advert on on how to check whether your mobile phone is genuine or not.
 Three months ultimatum for counterfeits mobile phones users or..........
People using counterfeits mobile phones in Kenya have been given a three months ultimatum to register them or else have them blocked or face prosecution.
Speaking during a campaign to rid off usage of counterfeits cellphones in Kenya the country`s Commissioner of Police said the said phones have been used to perpetrate crimes like terrorism,money laundering and even spreading hate speeches especially this time when the country is preparing to hold its general election in March next yaer.
His sentiments were echoed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Dr.Bitange Ndemo who said that the Government is fully prepared to deal with people who spread hate messages through phones and will also monitor the usage of social media like facebook,twitter and blogs to ensure that hate and propaganda messages aimed at causing havoc ahead of the forthcoming general election is not spread through the said mode of communication.
Dr Ndemo said that during the 2007 and 2008 campaign period and election time the Government was  not  able to trace the origin of hate messages as it didn`t have the right gadgets to track the people sending them but this time around such people sending those messages or involved in telephony crimes will not escape.
The function which was held at a Nairobi hotel on Thursday,June 28  was also attended by representatives of mobile providers Safaricom,Airtel,Orange Telcom and Yu Mobile led by Safaricom CEO Mr.Bob Colymore

Information PS Dr.Bitange Ndemo flanked by Commissioner of Police Mr Mathew Iteere briefs the press after the launch of the campaign at a Nairobi hotel.

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