Friday 22 June 2012

Drugs Consumption high in Kawangware

A youth injecting himself drugs
The consumption of drugs at Msalaba area in Kawangware is very serious which needs an urgent attention from the Government according to the Programme Manager of Straight Talk Foundation Africa Ms Madonnah Syombua.

Madonnah who recently visited the area after being invietd by the Chairman of Dagoretti Welfare Youth Organisation Mr Hadisi Ramadhani said that she was shocked to see a big number of youths in the area consuming drugs through injection by using one syringe and not even washing it.

Madonnah Syombua
Hadisi told Peace Forum Channel during an interview recently that Kawangware tops in the number of of people being infected with AIDS through drugs injection followed by Malindi and Mombasa in the whole country.``Something urgent has to be done or else we will loose many youths here due to consumption of drugs and spread of the deadly AIDS disease``,said Hadisi.

``My organisation is going to partner with other Non Governmental Organisation and see how we can assist youths in this area to abstain from using drugs and instead focus on activities which are beneficial to you and development oriented ones,`` said Madonnah as she addressed the youths.

Kawangware is one of the suburbs in Nairobi which has highest rate of criminal activities and hosts a big number of ladies who stay as single mothers and derive their livelihood on working as sex workers which still is illegal in Kenya.
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  1. We congratulate the peace forum channel for the efforts of educating people what necessary for the society.Most of youths have rotten because poor guidance,go to public utilize what little knowledge and education you have to help youths from drugs.

  2. Albert Nyakundi3 August 2012 at 13:51

    It was long overdue that Kenyan youths visited this blogggggg! Congrats my fellow scribe Kyeyu!I wish I had more time but I will visit this blog again.It is hilarious to educate the ignorant Kenyans on drugs issues and morality.