Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Youthful aspirany launches his political bid

By George Millah and Jirongo Luyali
 Ruaraka Parliamentary Youthful aspirant on an ODM ticket George Opiyo popularly known as ‘Nyorosha” has launched his campaign bid and pledged to residents of Baba Dogo and Korogocho that he will not embezzle government funds meant for development.

He also assured them that he will be on the forefront in stepping up security and setting up micro finance institutions so as to create job for the youth. He told the voters that bad governance is attributed to lack of visionary leaders, he however asked them to support him in his bid so as to clinch the seat.

 “I can not make it alone but through your assistance,” he said.

Opiyo an engineer by profession is contesting against two rivals whom to many are viewed to be his main challengers in terms of influence, political experience and popularity within the constituency are former Nairobi Mayor and Baba Dogo ward Councilor Geoffrey Majiwa and prominent Nairobi Lawyer TJ K’ajwan’g who is a younger brother to Minister for Immigration and MP for Mbita Hon Gerald Otieno K’ajwan’g.

Opiyo urged leaders to refrain from defecting from ODM
to other party’s without clear vision as this will jeopardize and weaken the party and on equality he promised to see to it that industries in the area employ at least 30 percent of people from the area.

“I will be instrumental in fighting corruption, bad governance and tribalism,” he said.

He told ODM followers and supporters to consider politics as a football match and not a dirty game as it is always said. 

Opiyo reminded the residents of Ruaraka that they should enjoy this game of politics just like they do for football.

Opiyo was also accompanied by his Italian wife Maria Opiyo and ODM officials from Ruaraka constituency.

Mrs. Opiyo addressed the gathering in Italian and her speech was translated by her husband. She also charmed the gathering with her little luo and Swahili words

Others who stole the show were a prominent Migori and Awendo Businessman Majid Khan who acted as a luo elder and spoke fluent Luo to the amazement of those in attendance.

Mr. Majid said that no community is superior than the other but we should all live in harmony especially during this period of electioneering citing Kenya’s flawed December 2007 Presidential elections that provoked a two month orgy violence which has been described as the country’s most severe human rights crisis, over 1,000 Kenyans killed and 600, 00 thousand more displaced from their homes.

Opiyo concluded by urging them to come out in large numbers during voter registration exercise and pleaded with them to elect Prime Minister Raila Odinga for President Come 2013 general elections and Dr Evans Kidero for Nairobi Governorship.

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