Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Somali Defense Minister visits Jowhar city

Minister of Defense of the Somali Federal Government, Abdulhakim Haji Fiqi, and other top military officials of the Somalia and the African Union Peacekeeping Forces on Monday paid a short visit to the latest frontlines in middle Shabelle region including Jowhar city where the militant group of al Shabaab was removed a day before.
Defense minister of the Somali Federal Government, Abdulhalkim Haji Mohamud Fiqi said on the line that they were pleased to reach Jowhar, saying that national chief commander and AU commander were accompanying him there.
The defense minister Fiqi said that people in Jowhar city are happy with their visit and welcomed the operation against al Shabaab. The minister added that the operation would continue and would connect the road that links the capital to the central regions of Somalia, saying Bula-burte in Hiiraan region which the militants currently control is their next target.
Meanwhile reports from lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia say that an outbreak of diarrhea has erupted in different small communities in the region. The outbreak of diarrhea is reported in communities like Dudumo gadud, Madax Marodi, Sahan weyn, Saha Yarey and other larger communities like Yaqbari weyne and Yaqdomar all in the lower Shabelle region.
Residents in those parts of the province who spoke to Shabelle Media Network say the outbreak is possibly related to the extreme warm weather which comes at this time of the season.

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